Causes & Home Remedies To Treat Different Types Of Acne

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Causes & Home Remedies To Treat Different Types Of Acne

Basically, the puberty is the physical changes and the emotions from through your brain are going through. This time the acne may seem a lot like the end of the world.  But this is not the end, we will going to help you in recognizing the type of the acne you have and gives you an accurate solution for it.

If the face washes and the generic acne creams are not helping you in getting out of this issue despite using them every day. This means you are not using the right product according to your acne issue.  There do many types of acne exist and each issue has different solution.

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Here are the different types of acne and how to get rid and get far away from it as possible.

Types, Causes and Home Treatment of Acne

Acne Vulgaris

This is the most common acne type among all. Acne vulgaris is basically occurring due to a skin condition. It causes the inflammation along with the blackheads, whiteheads, cysts and pimple outbreaks. This fundamentally occurs in skin areas where the oil glands concentration is really high.  It is seen in the form of the back acne, and the acne on the face or as well as on the upper chest area.

This type of acne is quite common and mostly targets the teenagers. This is because of the puberty and the changes that may take place in their body.  This problem usually tends and hereditary disappears from the life of yours in certain age group.  There are some physiological effects of this that they can leave the scars behind.


Papules Acne

The papules acne occurs in the form of acne vulgaris small bumps on the face.  These bumps on the face have the visible pores just like the whiteheads or blackheads.  These pores are surrounded by the skin inflammation because of which when you squeeze or try to remove them will not work. Regular application of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide is the best treatment for this kind of acne.


Causes of the Papules Acne

Hormonal changes

During puberty results the increase in the testosterone results in increasing the oil gland secretion which causes papules acne.

Testosterone increase

In the result of the puberty, the increase in the oil glands secretions results in acne. The main factors behind this type of acne are medication, changing in lifestyle, illness and as well as the menstrual cycle. These all things can cause the hormonal imbalance and lead the papules acne.

Unhealthy food habits

High quantity of sugar and dairy products intake will lead to acne


This is the main reason for acne. So make sure that your stress must be under control and you have different ways of managing it in a healthy manner.

Home Remedies

Here is the little useful solution to control such acne issue. Have a look and try if you have such acne problem.

  • Reduce the sugar and starch amount in your daily meal
  • Eliminate the dairy products from your lifestyle or at least decreases their usage
  • Use the apple cider vinegar diluted with the water and applies to the face daily
  • The tree tea oil is best for regular use as it is antibiotic and helps in cleansing the skin
  • Moisturize the skin with the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream for spotless and gentle skin

Acne Rosacea

This type of acne affects the 10 percent of the population and usually develops in the air when you are in your teenager. This type turns worse when you enter the age of 30s or 40s. This is characterizing the formation of the red, acne-like the pustules on the surface of the skin.  In the initial stage, it starts with the small rash or the red patches and if more concentrate it spreads.  This is not at a lot a blackhead formation associated with acne rosacea. This type of acne is still not understood fully by the skin experts. The best treatment for this acne can be reduced by making changes to the lifestyle and as well as the medication you usually intake in daily routine.


Causes of Acne

Emotional reason

Stress is considering the one of the major reason of experiencing such type of acne. Besides the stress, the other factors are fear, anxiety, trigger, and any embarrassment can cause the face to flush easily and results in this acne.

Physical reason

The human skin especially face is not able to reduce the facial inflammation that is caused by the environment changes like the sunburn, flushing, demodicosis and certain medicines.

Home Remedies

Following are the few easy and beneficial home remedies for such acne issues. Have a look and select the best for you.

  • Identify the reason that triggers the rash, help you to eliminate and avoid it
  • Avoid taking the alcohol and caffeine, processed food, dairy products, sugar, the food that is high in the omega-6s and as well as fried food
  • Take healthy fats daily like the olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, avocado, organic veggies and fruits and clean proteins like the salmon and the grass-fed animal products, ginger, onion, garlic, turmeric, carrots, green tea and as well as tomatoes
  • Try to use sunscreen protection regularly
  • Switch your life to natural cosmetics
  • Avoid taking stress
  • Try to use the supplements and essential oils to make you calm


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