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A few years ago, we set out to plan cooking together from all over to exchange recipes and ideas and to support each other in the kitchen. We decided to create an online place for others who love cooking and talk about food! Together we create a platform with the name of Food Planet.

But more than simply offering recipes, Food Planet fosters a strong and loyal sense of community among like-minded home cooks of all ages. We believe that you need to cook if you want to eat better and want to change your food system. Maybe not all the time, but some. You don’t have to eat local foods every day; you don’t have to shop at the farmers market every week. But it’s good to try. We’re not extremists in a cult of purity, slow-foodness or locavorosity. We’re realists who believe in applying the best aspects of those food movements to our everyday lives.

Food Planet is the world’s leading food recipes website; special interest recipe collections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and baby food. We share food preparation secrets and tips, humorous and heartwarming anecdotes, and glimpses into their kitchens, their homes and their lives.

Most of cooking sites take a top-down approach, telling you what to cook but failing to give you a sense of the people and creative process behind the recipes. We don’t want to be yet another online place that insists on dumbing down recipes to make them quick and easy.

Over the past decade, research has shown that children from families who eat together do better in school, that eating “whole” foods is healthier, that eating sustainably will save the environment. But no one has pointed out that the only way to achieve this in a comprehensive, lasting way is for people to cook.


  • If you cook, your family will eat dinner together.
  • If you cook, you will naturally have a more sustainable household.
  • If you cook, you’ll set a lifelong example for your children.
  • If you cook, you’ll understand what goes into food and will eat more healthily.
  • If you cook, you’ll make your home an important place in your life.
  • If you cook, you’ll make others happy.
  • If you cook, people will remember you.

We look forward to cooking with you!

Team Food Planet.